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Comments from ANNE K TAYLOR Team Members

Dr. Kashmiri was a dedicated vet who devoted his time to treat the wild animals. He was a selfless man and was down to earth. He really answered many questions from different people concerning wildlife. I was notified of his death by Anne and I was very disgusted to hear the sad news. He just died while on his duty like my role model George Adamson. However, my question is whether we can have another vet like him who will extend the services like him. May our God rest him in peace and bless his family. Many thanks to Anne Kent Taylor, for choosing the best vet who worked with the team for all that time. Indeed he was a real soldier. …..Elias W Kamande

I don’t know where to start for am still moaning the death of Dr. Kashmiri. The first time I met him was back in 2001 while working for Anne Kent Taylor Fund (Still working there).Though he died, I am happy that the animals that he treated in Masai Mara are still surviving up to date. He was my great friend who treated many animals that were very sick. When I heard about his death, I was unable to eat and wasn’t able to go where I was supposed to go. I hope one day, we will visit his family with my colleagues……Lelimpa Ole Ngoswa

I met Dr Kashmir the same day with my other AK Taylor team. I know him as a very hard working man who has gone an extra mile of teaching me how to handle wild animals when sick or injured. I am very sad that he was killed by the elephant. He treated many animals in the Mara. He was very fast when requested to fly down to treat sick animals. He was very friendly to many people. I will never forget his work. God help his family and friends……………Saruni Ole kitono

I knew Kashmiri and I respected him very much. I am very sad because we lost a very good vet who knew what he was doing. He treated many animals and I got an opportunity in assisting him while treating sick animals. I remember one time when we had a sick black rhino, which many people were afraid to treat but he volunteered to do that job. Later the rhino recovered and still living here with us (in Mara).We will miss him but we hope to have another dedicated vet like him…………Konchellah (Sgnt Ololoolo gate)

Am very sad to hear the sudden death of our friend.Dr. Kashmiri trained me so many things. He was very friendly to all and I will never forget him .May be one day will visit his family because I was not able to attend his burial………Nenguju ole Leluka

When I was informed the death of Dr. Kashmir,I couldn’t believe it. I thought that I was day dreaming but anyway, I couldn’t help but I mourned with others. I remember the case of the black rhino that he treated here in Mara. He was dedicated to his work and worked tirelessly to help many animals. Thanks to Anne Kent Taylor for connecting me to him. He trained me some basic animal handling and will never forget him. May God keep him well………..Nelson Nakuso

To lose “Kashmiri” was to lose an amazing friend and colleague. My heart still aches and I miss him terribly. He was a tremendous source of strength and support to me from when I first started the Anne K. Taylor Fund project in the Mara nine years ago up until the day he died. He was always ready to come to assist with a rescue, with permission from the Kenya Wildlife Service, whenever help was needed. He worked together with my team on many wildlife rescues – removing a snare from an elephant whose leg was cut to the bone; removing a snare from a giraffe’s leg and a lion’s throat…. doctoring a tiny baby elephant which could hardly walk as it had been speared just above its foot – whilst being heartily charged by the rest of the herd. They were responding to its screams, as he wrestled it to the ground (as it was too young to be sedated), whilst he was whispering “sweet nothings” into the infant’s ears in an effort to calm it. He was as strong as an ox and braver than any person I have ever known. I never felt fear when working with him as he exuded confidence and was larger than life. It is tragic that he was killed by an elephant – the very animal he had dedicated so many hours of his life to saving. It does not seem fair!
I was so grateful that I was home in Kenya when it happened so that I was able to be at his funeral amongst his family and friends to wish him well on his journey.

My thoughts are with his family whom he adored. His passing will leave a hole in so many of our lives. I hope he knows, with his spirit watching over us, that we will continue to care for the animals as he did and will continue to fight for their survival. I will miss him as will the animals he cared for so deeply. May he rest in peace. Anne Kent Taylor

Video of Kashmiri

I was sent this link last week and though it’s in French which I don’t understand, it speaks for itself, and shows our good friend at work. Paula

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Remembering Zahoor Kashmiri through a fund for wildlife veterinarians


This blog has been created in memory of Zahoor Kashmiri who was tragically killed by an elephant on the 1st of September 2008 in Ethiopia. All of us at WildlifeDirect were devastated by the news, we were just about to create a blog for Kashmiri to raise funds for his exemplary work saving lions, elephants, rhino,  cheetah, buffalo and other species.


Kashmiri may be gone, but we feel that we cannot let this spirit nor his work die with him. We put up this blog in his name and spirit to ensure that Kashmiri’s work will continue, and his memory preserved in what he loved most of all, to help wildlife in need.


He loved Ethiopia and the work he was doing there was extremely important. More photos of Zahoor Kashmiri are available here.

Kashmiri never charged a fee for his work and paid for everything from his own funds which was why he was so busy through out the year. Many vets in Africa cannot afford to volunteer their time and equipment like this and so our aim to raise at least USD $10,000 in a fund to enable these vets to continue his work. With your help we can respond to field emergencies and save species across Africa, Asia and South America.


Please help us to ensure that wildlife veterinary emergencies can be attended to. Thank you to all of those who have already made commitments to support this important rescue fund.

From Richard Leakey and the entire team at WildlifeDirect